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= Performing for Nov. 27th Show

Shane Cohen

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Shane began performing magic at 13 years old. At just 15 years old he was performing in multiple different restaurants throughout town doing closeup magic. At age 17, he performed at the Gaslight Theater in Tucson, and a few years later he had the privilege of being a performer in the Tucson Stars of Magic Show.


Since moving to Denver he has performed multiple times in the Denver Magic Show, he is the current Vice President of the Mile High Magicians Society, and 4 years ago he performed his best trick yet- at the end of one of his shows, he brought his then girlfriend on stage, performed a floating rose illusion and finished the trick by getting down on one knee and proposing- turning his girlfriend into his wife- best trick ever!


He loves to entertain and leave a memorable impression on his audiences, filling them with laughter, wonder, and joy.


He is the Creator and the current Producer of the Colorado Stars of Magic Show.


Jeff Jenson

Comedy, interaction and beyond belief magic are just a few words to describe Jeff’s show. For more than 20 years, he has been a trusted entertainer for corporate and private events as well as Fortune 500 companies. 


From the moment Jeff walks on the stage, you can tell he loves magic and entertaining an audience. He immediately captivates the crowd and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it be a close-up performance or a full stage show, Jeff’s personal style of entertainment always leaves his audience amazed and laughing. 


Clients like Microsoft, Siemens, NASCAR Furniture Row Racing, Make A Wish Foundation, KBC Technologies, Inc., Allied Communication, The Children's Miracle Network, Knaster Technology Group, J.A.G. and Worldwide Express have all hired Jeff to add a touch of magic to their event. 



Highlighted by his hysterical straitjacket escape, Amazing Dave Elstun's Instant Insanity Magic Show thrill’s audiences everywhere he goes. The “Insanity” has been seen in theaters, comedy clubs, fairs and festivals around the west. Amazing Dave is also known as Mr. Money, entertaining guests, giving away lucky kisses and turning ones into hundreds at The Lodge Casino. Dave has spent 3 years as the house magician at the Riviera Casino and 7 weeks entertaining guests at Tucson’s Desert Diamond Casino.


A fun fact about Dave was that he actually managed and then owned and operated Zeezo's Magic Castle from 1982-1989 and from the mid 1980's into the mid 1990's he was the house magician at Denver Landmark Casa Bonita. 

With his many years of experience entertaining thousands and thousands of audiences, he is one performer you certainly do not want to miss.




Richard Kwesell has performed in over 30 countries since he was 20 years old, creating one heck of an adventure, and now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. These performances consist of mostly corporate events of all kinds, charity fundraisers, live shows to the general public as well as a few TV spots that probably no one has ever heard of.


Upon graduating High School, Rich hit the road to study Magic from some of the greats in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, and Argentina. Richard is a member of the Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Enchidad Magico Argentina, and the Circle of Brazilian Illusionists.


Nowadays, He has an amazing Family, has recently begun a new career in off-road Baja desert racing, and mainly focuses on teaching his 5yr old Daughter how to ski.

Shawn Preston

Shawn Preston, affectionately known as The Magic Dude, is perhaps Denver’s “Best Kept Secret.” With his quick wit and spontaneous humor combined with exceptional sleight-of-hand, he has thrilled audiences for nearly 20 years.

With literally hundreds of performances for private parties, special events, and corporate functions all across the country, he is quickly establishing his reputation as a one-of-a-kind entertainer.


Shawn takes pride in providing his audiences with a fun filled show complete with music, hilarious comedy, unbelievable demonstrations of mind power, audience participation and of course… MAGIC. Spectators are amazed, amused and most of all, entertained.



Performing for almost 30 years, Chad Wonder is Denver’s top-rated kids’ magician and has even won Nickelodeons Entertainer of the year! For him, it all began around the age of 8 or 9 when his best friend showed him a trick called The Ball in Vase. From that moment, he became obsessed with magic and right after graduating high school, he went to work at Zeezo’s Magic Shop in Aurora, Colorado. He loved working in a magic shop so much that in 2004 he took every bit of money he had and opened his vision of a magic shop in the Colorado Mills Mall. It was a dream come true until the economy collapsed and he had to close up shop but his desire for magic wasn’t destroyed. He devoted 100% of his time to his love of performing and was able to build a long running show at the now demolished Heritage Square Amusement Park where his weekend shows ran while he was also building a reputation performing for kid’s birthday parties, a type of magic not all magicians work towards in their careers.


With thousands of magic shows performed, he concentrates on kids’ birthday parties in and around the Denver metro area, but he also performs for schools, daycare centers, scouting events and senior care facilities all across Colorado.


A recent highlight in his career was appearing as the halftime entertainment for a Denver Broncos home game.

Scott McCray

Scott first became enthralled by the world of magic at the age of seven when he saw magic at Zeezo’s, a Denver area magic shop. After six years of practice, Scott gave his first professional magic performance at only 13. By the end of the show he was hooked, and soon began to take his studies of the magical arts more seriously. In 1990, he won first place in the Magic Days Convention Junior Magician competition.

In high school, Scott’s success at the Magic Days competition helped him land a job at Zeezo’s, the very shop where his love affair with magic began. The job at Zeezo’s allowed him to rub elbows with some of the best magicians in Colorado, encouraging him to continue his magical studies.

Since 1999, Scott has been the premier performer at the famous Lane Guest Ranch and has performed for celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and even Jimmy Carter. 

Brad Montgomery.jpg

Brad Montgomery

Most people who have seen Brad know him as a motivational business speaker. In fact, he is a CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame Speaker. (Which is a big deal.) It means he’s recognized as a top keynote speaker by a VERY credible organization. But for Brad, he got his start in magic. Using his own blend of Hilarious Humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are supposed to be fun and funny.

As a corporate magician and illusionist, Brad knows how to entertain; he knows how to hold a crowd. And because he is funny. Brad’s theory is that People Learn Best When They are Laughing. And through the amazing use of comedy, illusions, and magic Brad is truly a unique and special magician, speaker, comedian, and entertainer.



Max Davidson is an award-winning magician from Denver, Colorado. He first saw magic at age six, sparking a lifelong interest in how things work, the value of storytelling, and how we interpret reality. The pandemic made Max realize that it’s not magic or entertainment that people lost. What we lost—and ultimately, what we crave—is the opportunity to create memories with the people we love. So, Max's mission is to make sure that life is enjoyed, people are brought together, and unforgettable memories are created.


Max studied at the world-renowned Tannen’s Magic Camp, where he won the junior and senior stage competitions. He has performed at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas, Disney World in Orlando, Puerto Rico, and around the United States. Max is also a senior at George Washington University, where he studies political communication. 




Magic is more an obsession than a job for Gene! He has been performing professionally for over 30 years. He is regarded as one of the best sleight of hand entertainers in Colorado and the surrounding area. His performances tend to be very interactive as he loves to have the audience get involved. As he likes to say, he is an expert in Cons, Hustles, Scams and other forms of HONEST entertainment.

He has performed with large companies like Microsoft and Amway to local companies like Dun-Rite and Pervis Jewelers. Gene also produces and performs in a two man show called "Sleightly Impossible", which is the longest running magic show in Denver!


Cosmo 5.jpg

Cosmo Solano

Cosmo Solano was bitten by the show business bug when he performed for the first time before his Kindergarten class at “show and tell”.  His first paid performance came at the age of 13 when he earned $15.00 to perform at a backyard barbecue.

Cosmo later studied classic stage magic at the prestigious Chavez College of Magic in Los Angeles, but his love for performing “close up magic”, soon overshadowed his desire to be a stage magician and he become one of the busiest private event magicians in Los Angeles. “I wasn’t trying to become famous, I was trying to make sure I ate! At 19, I had no idea Los Angeles would be so expensive, and I spent a couple of months living in my car, determined to “make it” there. I took every type of magic job I could, I specialized in sleight of hand performances at corporate and private dinner parties, but would take just about any kind of “work” that came my way, kid shows, nursing homes, taught magic at day camps, and even worked in magic shops during the day. 


​At 21, he became a member of the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle where he would be mentored by contemporary masters in sleight of hand. Over the next few decades, he would meet and become close friends with many of the very legends he admired as a child.

For over 30 years Cosmo has since performed privately for heads of state, celebrities and leaders in business and industry. After a few years in Las Vegas,  Cosmo returned to Colorado seeking a more family oriented environment and now resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

​Cosmo has become internationally known among his peers for inventing unique magic effects used by some of the top performers around the world. His influence and creations can be seen the world over on stages, in private venues and on international television.

He currently has his own "Cosmo's Magic Theater" located in Colorado Springs, where you can find him performing weekly with some of the highest rated reviews you will ever find.

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